We are thrilled to be welcoming new brands to be a part of the SHELF Cosmetics experience. Join our growing community today.
There are many reasons to partner with us. Here are a few:
Make sure that your entire product catalog is shoppable by our vibrant, cosmetic-obsessed community
Targeted exposure for your products to drastically elevate the conversation around your brand
Frictionless purchasing power for consumers to buy your products in a couple taps (possible nowhere else)
Becoming a partner is simple and easy.
We just need two essential items:
Send us your product catalog in spreadsheet format with all of your products
(including their product names, product codes, descriptions, images and any additional information you have)
Send us your product catalog CSV from Shopify and we’ll take care of everything else
(Please ensure that the product weights, product prices, and product descriptions - without html tags - are included)
This will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship as we continue to grow and evolve. Future versions of the app will offer even greater opportunities for your brand to be showcased and integrated into the SHELF experience.
We look forward to connecting!